New Year's Resolutions

How to Actually KEEP Your New Year’s Resolutions

How many times have you told yourself that THIS is the year? This is the year you’re finally going to keep all of your New Year’s resolutions. This year you’re finally going to stick to that new diet. You’re going to become a gym rat. You’re going to find the time to meditate every day. Here’s how to actually keep your New Year’s resolutions. This year IS the year.

holiday ingredients

The Healthiest Holiday Ingredients

Not every ingredient used during the holiday season is hard on your health! Here a few healthy holiday ingredients popular during Christmas that have some awesome benefits.

Enjoy the Little Things

Enjoy the Little Things, for One Day You May Look Back & Realize They Were the Big Things.

healthy christmas

6 Ways to Save Your Waistline this Christmas

Holiday weight gain is real. I’m sure this comes as no surprise considering the increased amounts of fattening foods, high sugar treats, and holiday drinks. Don’t let the holiday wreak havoc on your waistline this season, here are six tips for having a healthy Christmas!

healthy holiday snacks

Top 3 Healthy Holiday Snacks for Parties

It’s already hard maintaining a diet during the year, but it is especially difficult to maintain one when the holiday season rolls around. Is there anything worse than showing up to a holiday party only to be greeted by gingerbread men and peppermint bark? Here are three healthy holiday snacks to bring to your next Christmas party to help you stay on track!

ketogenic diet diabetes

Can You Do the Ketogenic Diet if you have Diabetes?

If you have diabetes, the Ketogenic diet may be perfect for you! It can help begin to reverse type 2 diabetes, and help improve blood sugar control in those with type 1 diabetes. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

Three Tips to Avoid Overeating on Thanksgiving

Self-control when it comes to eating is always hard. Add carb-heavy dishes, an array of seasonal desserts, and turkey smothered in gravy, and self-control becomes nearly impossible. Here are three easy tips to avoid overeating that you need to know before you head to your Thanksgiving dinner this year.

No Sugar Added protein bars

Why “No Sugar Added” is a Deceiving Claim

Food labels can be confusing especially when you’re bombarded with a variety of claims including “No Sugar Added.” If it says “No Sugar Added” then it’s probably ok for your health, right? Wrong! Here is why the label is a deceiving claim.

How are my Protein Bars Shipped?

MariGold Protein Bars
For destinations within the contiguous U.S. – orders totaling $75 or more (before tax) ship free.

Orders below $75 ship for $9.99 (2-5 Day Priority Shipping).

Your MariGold Protein Bars will be shipped with ice and super chilled before being sent to you. We also make every bar to order so they’re incredibly fresh when they are shipped.

Be aware that it is normal for the ice pack to melt during shipping.
The ice pack and special liner will keep your bars chilled during their journey to you.
If your bars are not still cool when they arrive we want you to know that they are perfectly safe to eat.

Even the most perishable bar we sell has a 14 day un-refrigerated shelf life.

Please visit our FAQ page for more information.
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